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About us

Home for the elderly and infirm "Baka Ilona"

The home is named after the beloved late grandmother of the owner Jelena and wears it proudly, and grandmother Ilona from Heaven guards our Home.

Accommodation in a home

We can offer you single, double and triple rooms, as well as rooms with private bathroom (apartments).

All rooms have plenty of daylight and exit to the balcony depending on the orientation of the room.
The living room is adapted for socializing and activities, reading the daily press and board games.

We also have a large hall for physical therapy, group and individual exercises and medical massage with exercise equipment and props.

Rooms are adapted for mobile, less mobile and immobile people. 
We have taken care that each part of the space suits your needs and that you feel comfortable.

What we offer:

- Complete medical and hygienic care for mobile and immobile people 24 hours a day
- Medical supervision provided
- Provided physiotherapist support
- Controlled and regular intake of prescribed therapy
- Laboratory tests
- Organized transport to the hospital and escort throughout the search
- Prevention of complications of prolonged lying down
- Toilet and stoma maintenance
- Possibility of permanent accommodation, temporary and living room
- Recovery after hospital treatment

For our protégés:

- We organize celebrations of holidays and birthdays
- Laundry and ironing are provided
- Hairdressing and pedicure services according to the wishes of the user
- Priest visits


Proper intake of a balanced and healthy diet is essential for human life. A varied and balanced diet are the guidelines we follow when preparing the menu.
We make sure that the menus are arranged according to nutritional values and tailored to our users depending on the diagnosis, condition and wishes.

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